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SOLORG provides an irrefutable solar energy solution for Residential Societies to help diminish the electricity usage expenses. The utilization of solar energy is beyond the thought of water heater, along with this it cuts down more of your electricity usage for many other appliances.

Benefits of SOLORG solar solutions for your Residence
  • Many of the common residential facilities can be operated with solar as the prime electricity generator.
  • Kamati provides solution at more affordable price
  • High cost reduction with the use of solar solution
  • Free from irregular power supply
  • Requires least Maintenance
  • It needs just solar for charging battery and not any grid
  • Zero cost for generating power

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SOLORG Power system is one of the most trusted solar panel installation partners for residential and industrial purpose and is capable of serving at every level in a cost-effective manner. We have successfully installed solar system across Delhi NCR ranging from 1KW to 10 KW for residential purpose

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