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Solar Plant Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC)

CompanyName Solar provide a range of service and Solar AMC Contracts which will ensure that your solar PV system is working efficiently and is operating at maximum production, regular maintenance will also extend the life of your system.

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Services Provided For Solar PV Plant AMC

As far as solar PV systems’ uptime management is concerned, the companies involved in solar panel operation and maintenance offer:

  • 1. Data interpretation and collection of data in real time
  • 2. Monitoring of energy production on a consistent basis
  • 3. Critical as well as non-critical repairs
  • 4. Analysis of trends and KPIs in order to ensure continuous improvement
  • 5. election of specific key performance indicators to minimize cost while delivering the best possible system performance in the face of varying conditions
  • 6. Management of inventory, spare parts, etc.
  • 7. The tracking of solar power generation logs and updating document service histories
  • 8. Optimization of balance between yield, cash flows and costs of scheduled maintenance, etc.
  • 9. Remote or on-site sensing of the various environmental conditions impacting the PV system being maintained
  • 10. Assessment of components and inverters to ascertain whether they have to be repaired or restored
  • 11. Identification of safety issues, etc.

FAQ’s Related Solar Power Plant OEM (Operation & Maintenance)

What maintenance does a Solar PV system require?

The two primary aspects of maintaining a solar PV system are to regularly monitor your system’s performance through the data logger and to clean the panels about 6-10 times in a year. Beyond this, it is advisable to have your installer conduct at least two visits in a year just to check the general health of your system.

What would be the annual maintenance cost for a solar PV system?

The annual maintenance and recurring costs are almost negligible, since there are no moving parts and the input fuel (sunlight) is free. For optimum performance, the system only requires cleaning of modules and basic preventive and corrective maintenance. However, for off-grid systems where batteries are used, the maintenance costs are higher on account of battery replacement every 3-5 years. To ensure high generation and low maintenance cost, regular monitoring through data loggers is highly recommended. Typically, the maintenance costs for smaller Solar PV systems is about 2% of the initial system cost, and for larger systems is about 1% of the initial cost.

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