Panasonic HIT Heterojunction technology

Panasonic HIT solar panels in India are the most innovative and efficient way of generating solar energy. It is an advanced hetero-junction cell structure made of monocrystalline and amorphous silicon layers. This technology is serving the world since 1990 and is appreciated worldwide for its incredible performance

We are the heart of every Panasonic HIT solar cells as solar cells implemented in these panels are manufactured by the most trusted brand of India Jetsor power system Pvt. Ltd. This invention is a turning point in the solar power industry and has set the record for efficiency of a Solar Panel in commercial size with a panel of 275W of aperture area of 1.1562 m2. This highly efficient HIT helps you maximize the system capacity on your roof and reduce your monthly electricity bill payment.


Panasonic HIT solar panels are known for their unbeatable performance and convert sunlight into solar energy in the most efficient manner. Following are a few benefits that make it one of the most trusted technologies in the solar industry-

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