Solar power for Educational Institutions

Educational institutes have taken a greater role in bring better infrastructure with the installation of solar rooftops. Since the institutes demand for a good infrastructure, the required electricity would exceed and increase the need for electricity and boils down for high expenditure. This can be met only with the efficient installation of solar systems in schools which can drastically reduce the need for electricity which would need no money for power generation.

A major reason for the education institutes to deploy their funds on solar solutions is because it gets back the invested money and saves more on electricity further. A smarter way to save the solar energy with is unutilized during holiday's id the Net–Metering.

Institutes which have huge unused space on the terrace generally save electricity by installing the rooftop with solar powered plants. Even the schools can reduce the money spent on electricity and make a useful investment for improving the infrastructure.

Benefits of SOLORG solar solutions for your Residence
  • Cuts Down Electricity Bill
  • No Additional Space required
  • Applications like air conditioners, CCTV cameras can be operated with solar energy which saves power
  • An Environmental friendly way which is pollution free
  • Independent of power supply issues

Solar power for poultry farms

Smart way to save

SOLORG has been a trusted installer of solar power for poultry farms. It has been a beneficial project that has got trust on SOLORG and satisfaction to the clients. The poultry farms basically located in villages faces lot of power related problems and sometimes has no access for electricity.

SOLORG has initiated the installation of solar energy to poultry farms with the vision of helping the people in saving the electricity expenses and utilizing the money for improvement of the farms. SOLORG green Tech Village is a concept of a complete sustainable business model incorporating various schemes.

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